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atawba Cotons

As with all purebred dogs a Coton will cost more initially than a rescue or adoption from a local animal shelter. Here at Cattail Cotons we encourage people to choose a dog they will love, whether from a breeder or a shelter. After all, there is nothing like the love of a good dog.


When considering the purchase of a Coton, which we hope you are, please understand a lot of work has gone into a puppy before it was born. Coton breeders have to work hard to maintain a pure pedigree for your puppy and to ensure that genetic defects don’t get passed on. We want you and your puppy to have many long and happy years together. In order to do this Cattail Cotons does both genetic and heriditary testing on all our breeding dogs. This gaurds against any health problems for your puppy before they have been concieved! By testing the parents we are ensuring that our puppies are as healthy as possible.


Below are the DNA diseases we test for and corresponding information:


 - CMR:  Canine Multifocal Retinopathy: eye disease. You can read about it on “”  CMR2 is identified as the test for

    Cotons.  This is an eye disease of the folds of the retina. It is pretty rare and is inherited. This test can only be done by a blood



 - Ataxia:  Though common in several breeds, the form that is unique to the Coton de Tulear is called NCA (Neonatal Cerebellar



 - Degenerative Myelopathy:  Referred to as “DM”.  This disease is found in many breeds, is untreatable and incurable.


 - HU (Hyperuricosuris): bladder disease; stones and crystals. (Very rare in Cotons)


 - PH (Primary Hyperoxaluria): Congenital kidney disease and can be found in several breeds.  


 - VWD: Von Willebrands: Failure of the blood to clot. Found in several breeds and is very rare in Cotons.




If a breeder tells you that they CERF (Canine Eye Registration Foundation) test their dogs, this is NOT a test for CMR. In order to maintain this level of quality in our puppies and adult dogs, our puppies range from 3,000.00 to 4,500.00 (for a show quality dog) depending on the lineage and health testing results of the dogs producing the litter.


Catawba Cotons cherishes honesty and if you ask us for a show puppy out of a certain litter we will try to accommodate you. However, not every litter throws a show quality or breedable dog, this means we may have to put you on our waiting list. We will NOT give you a pet quality dog at a show quality price. We do not breed our dogs perpetually and often skip heats to give our Mama's a rest.

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