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The Coton should not be shy or bashful.  They will demand eye contact, unlike other breeds that will look away during a “stare down.”  A Coton will search your face to “read” your eyes and expressions in an attempt to determine what you want from them. The Coton is an owner-centered dog with a heart that is only focused on ensuring you are pleased with them. They are comical listeners and can often be seen cocking their when spoken too. The Coton gets along well with other dogs, cats, and children.  He is a good traveler and easily housebroken.  


Both affectionate and playful they are quick to shower you with kisses before snuggling down beside you for a good old-fashioned TV marathon. For the more active owner, a Coton is still the right choice. When its requested of them, Cotons can seem to have an endless supply of energy, making them excellent agility competitors and a great running or walking buddy. Some of our puppies have even become kayakers and boating enthusiasts.


Anywhere you are it is guaranteed your Coton will want to be right there with you. It is not unusual for a Coton to clown around and jump to attract your attention. After all, they are there for you, and you alone. No matter what you have planned for the day your Coton will want to join you. Be it landscaping on a windy day to taking a family dip at a nearby lake, your Coton is going to want to be in the thick of it, enjoying every moment spent with you!!

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