cattails - letter C Frosted Large Cattail

attail Cotons

Chloe is perfect and adapted so quickly!  She follows us everywhere.  We love her so much.

- Tammie S., Madison, AL

We are loving and enjoying every minute of Lilly.  She soothes us as much as we do her.  She loves playing outside, chasing the small tree frogs and anything else she can get her paws on.

- Cindy and Rick S., White Lake, MI

Never thought there was a  perfect dog, until Cedric.  Tenagers and adults fell in love with him at a tennis tournament.  We so enjoy him every day.

- Christine H., Inman, SC  

He is sooooo adorable and cuddly.  He is funny and fast, fast, fast!.  Great job that you did.  Getting him is the best thing we could have done for our lives.  Best to you and your terrific puppies!!

- Debra and Steve J., St Louis, MO

Dear Semper Fi Lady,


May God's blessings overflow for you and your nurturting dogs. From your puppy litter to our home and hearts, Duke has been a much needed and deeply appreciated miracle. My son's caregiver stress is lightened 24/7 by this huge-hearted, funny dog, bundle of joy. The warmth and care you gave our puppy and God's love, overflows from Duke's heart.  Thank you.  Our home is now filled with constant laughter.  Duke's antics are slowing my Alzheimer's journey, and providing another unconditional love for my son - for many years.

- Ms.  JoAnn - Mac's Mama and Duke's "Granny", Fernandina Beach, FL

Max is such a travel bug and a handsome traveling companion!  Air savvy, RV tolerant, and he loves riding in the car, even if it's just to the store.

- Linda and Jon T, Hailey Idaho

Hattie is a wonderful little girl and I'm absolutely crazy about her.  I am so glad I am lucky enough to have a Coton own me!

- Candace E - Fairfax, VA