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     I have always had a deep love and respect for animals, but often my military career hindered my passion. Although I spent time sporadically showing dogs I never had the chance to get into breeding.  In 1998 I retired from the Marine Corps, and after over 30 years of service I found myself in a position to begin a new stage of my life. It was around this time I finally found the perfect breed of dog for me.

    Despite their strange sounding name, the Coton De Tulear was my perfect pet. These little puff balls didn’t trigger my severe allergies, constantly loved to be with me, barked little, and enjoyed being around other people as well. They were sweet, gentle, and kind dogs. Every day they made my life a joy and I knew I wanted to share that gift with other people.


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    It was then that I decided that I wanted breed, and my journey with Cotons as a serious hobby began. To this day I am dedicated to maintaining this breed not only for myself but that other families with children, parents, spouses, or friends who have severe allergies will be able to experience owning a dog without worry.

    The  Coton is a loyal and wonderful breed, and I have been blessed to help sustain them. I hope that you and your family will come to know the Cattail family well. As you tour through our website for information on this breed, view our available puppies, and see how rewarding owning a Coton can be. Thank you visiting our site and may God bless you.

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