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The Coton De Tulear is a small, sweet, “cottony” longhaired, hypoallergenic, and friendly dog that can often be caught ‘smiling’ up at their ‘people’. With clown-like faces and temperaments, a Coton is regularly the star of their family's show.


This happy go lucky dog is almost always directly at their owner’s side, if not then you’re guaranteed they are close by.  If you want a shadow, buy a Coton!


With an almost infectious enthusiasm for their owners, Cotons are an intelligent and eager to please dog, making them easy to train. Unlike many breeds, the Coton is a highly versatile companion dog. They can be found participating in agility competitions, pet therapy groups, as ‘guard’ dogs at the office (no pencil will go missing), or just lazing about at home on their owners lap.


Cotons form exteremly strong bonds with their owners, and there isn’t much this mighty little cotton ball can’t or won’t do for them.

The Coton De Tulear

(pronounced: Ko-tawn Du Too-lee-ah-ar)