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atawba Cotons

Tools:  You do not need a lot of equipment.  Start with a good slicker brush and pin brush without knobs on the ends, 2-3 combs with different teeth widths including a flea comb, a blow dryer.  I use nail clippers for birds as they are small and not intimidating, and a couple pair of good scissors such as 5 ½ and 7 ½ inches.


Schedule Grooming: A bath once a month, and a good brushing/combing all the way to the skin once a week is about all you will need. Be sure to trim the hair off the bottom of the pads so tha debri doesn't get caught between the toes. Also use a flea comb to clean the sides of the eyes so that the hair and eyelashes don't begin to knot.


Puppy Coat:  At about 9 - 10 months of age the soft cottony puppy coat will clash with the new adult coat coming in, creating knots along this line.  Consider cutting out the whispy/downy puppy coat at this time and letting the adult coat to come through rich and soft.


Eye Stains:  For owners of white dogs  or dogs with white faces, this is always an area of concern.  This can either be a medical issue or a grooming issue.  It is suggested that you rule out the possibility of a medical problem with your Vet first, i.e. under developed tear ducts, excessive tear production, bacterial infection, etc.  There are several products recommended by both groomers and Vets. One brand of eye cleaner commonly used is actually Bausch&Lomb "Eye Relief" eye wash, because it contains boric acid and is not harmful to the eyes.  Used daily, it will bleach the hair over time.  "Eye Envy" is a very effect topical solution and powder used by many who show white breeds.


Further Reading/ Reference Guide: The specialty clubs, USACTC, CTCA,  ACC, etc., publish magazine articles that include pet and show quality grooming.

Although a Coton's coat may look intimidating when dirty or filled with leaves, this long coated, non-shedding breed is easier to care for than you think. With practice, many people find that regular trips to the groomer are fun but uneccessary. Here are some tips.

Taking Care of Business: Grooming Your Coton