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atawba Cotons

Shorter Coat Variations

Longer Coat Variations

                   -      It's important to pick an experienced groomer for

                          your Coton. Although more groomers aren't familiar

                          with the Coton coat, the more knowledge they have of

                          grooming different types of dogs the better the

                          chances are that they will be able to keep your dog's

                          coat healthy and cut well.


                    -   Since, most groomers are not familiar with the Coton,

                         you will have to tell them what you want the dog to

                         look like. View the pictures to your left for exmaples of a

                         shorter vs. a longer coat. If you don't know how to

                         explain to your groomer what you need it is best to

                         simply give them a picture.


                   -    If you decide the long full coat does not fit your life

                        style, if your spend a lot of time outdoors, you may

                        want a shorter coat.  The most common hair cut

                        patterns for the Coton are styles cut similar to a Shih-

                        Tzu, Lasa, or Bichon.  A very comfortable attractive

                        coat length is 2-3 inches, usually achieved by cutting

                        by hand.  One plus for you is once cut, the coat grows

                        back slowly.  Plan your haircuts seasonally, and you

                        should only visit the groomer 2 or 3 times a year.

     As you know, your white dog will not always stay white, without maintenance.  Cotons, like any other breed, are fond of dirt, sticks, playing with leaves, and any other manner of things that leave them looking more like a junkyard dog than the beautiful pearly white puppy I once knew. Although I firmly believe that anyone can learn to properly groom their own Coton, some people choose not too, and that is where a groomer comes in. Below are some tips to help you, and your groomer, decide what type of cut would be best for your new companion.

When a Bath Just Isn't Enough: Finding the Right Groomer